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A company has opted for lower rate of tax under sec.115BAA for FY 2019-20. It is a manufacturing company claiming additional depreciation till FY 2018-19. For FY 2019-20, it has opted sec.115BAA. It is a profit making company and there are no brought forward business loss or brought forward unabsorbed depreciation. During FY 2018-19, there were certain machinery items which were added for less than 180 days on which additional depreciation was claimed only at 10%. The balance 10% can be claimed in FY 2019-20. Since the Company has opted sec.115BAA, it has to forego this additional depreciation in FY 2019-20. As per proviso to sec.115BAA(2), whether the unclaimed additional depreciation of 10% has to be added back to the opening WDV of the block on 1.4.2019? Pls .clarify

posted by balasubramanian on Oct 21 2020 12:00AM

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