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Whether outstanding expenses is included in Construction / development cost under RERA for Form 3 Ce

I have doubt under RERA 1. Suppose builder purchases material and incurred direct expenses for construction of a building, then for issuing Form 3 for cash withdrawal from a bank account, whether any outstanding payment (balance payment to be made to Creditors) towards the purchase of Material (Cement, Bricks etc) and Direct expenses (labour, rent of machinery) is to be included or not in Development/construction cost for Form 3 under RERA. (w.r..t.Maharashtra RERA) 2.Whether Closing stock is to be deducted from development/construction cost under RERA for issuing Form 3.(w.r.t. Maharashtra RERA)

posted by SHEKHAR KUNDLIK SAWANT on Jul 3 2019 12:00AM

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