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Form 15CA & 15CB

Suppose we received Service Invoice of 100000 dollar and make payment of 70000 to foreign party after deducting TDS @30% (TDS rate is just for example) and also form 15CB issued for 70000. Now foreign party is not agreeing for the TDS amount and now we need to make further payment of 30000 (Payment of 70000 is already done) and TDS need to be deposit by grossing of the earlier and current payment. So please confirm how to issue form 15CB for this balance 30000 amount and also confirm is there any action required for the form 15CB which we already issued for 70000 amount in which we mentioned that grossing of TDS is not done? Foreign will not issue any further invoice and we need to make 30000 payment on this invoice only.

Posted by NAVEEN KUMAR AGARWAL on Apr 05, 2023

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