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Date of Creation of HUF

What should be the date of Creation of HUF ? 1. Date of Marriage OR 2. Date of Birth of Eldest Son

Posted by Gaurav Kumar Baranwal on Aug 10, 2021


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HUF can be created on any date, this date is not dependant on the events you quoted. On the date of marriage, or birth of child new members are added to the HUF. Alternately, you can choose to start HUF on the date of marriage or birth of son.

Posted by Ananthanarayanan on Aug 11, 2021
Answer ID : 81224

Only husband and wife cannot form HUF. Hence date of marriage cannot be the date of creation of HUF unless the HUF property is received on partition or received as gift from family members.

Posted by CA. chunauti dholakia on Aug 13, 2021