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GST Registration

While applying for new GST Registration for Private limited Company, 1 director is Indian and 2 directors are foreigner. The foreign directors does NOT have PAN and Aadhar in india. So how to fill details about foreign directors. Also our query is that whether we it is mandatory to fill details of foreign directors or we need to fill details of Indian director only ? Query about Authorised person . The company is registered in uttarpresh and Indian director is of uttar Pradesh . Now company wants to obtain new GSTIN in the state of Maharashtra also . Our query is that is there any requirements of any representative / authorized person in the state of Maharashtra ? Can the authorized person be from uttarpradesh for filing GST application ?

Posted by samirkumar gokulbhai kasvala on May 04, 2021

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Respected Sir, This doubt sought by your good self quite satisfactory for the answer. Answer to the first query: It is important to note that all directors/promoters' details are required. Therefore foreign directors are also covered. Further, the foreign directors do not have a valid PAN. For this purpose kind fill in the place of PAN PANNOTAVBL and Aadhar is not mandatory. There is no specific requirement to appoint a separate authorized representative for every state. The director appointed as the authorized representative in UP can be the same for Maharashtra. Thanking You CA. Gaurav Sharma

Posted by GAURAV SHARMA on May 05, 2021