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GST Refund

We applied for GST refund of a client for 2018-19 who manufactures Cloth (Made from Manmade Fibre/Yarn) as well as Shawls GST department had restricted Accumulation of input Credit of Certain types of cloth (wef 1-7-17 to 31-7-18) including cloth stated above and asking for Reversal of Accumulated Credit standing as on 31-7-2018 . They have already sanctioned GST refund for 2017-18 The asessee has closing stock as on 31-3-18 as well as 31-7-18 Now they are asking for return of already sanctioned refund for 2017-18 in view of various Notifications/Ciculars They are not considering Closing Stock while arriving at Reversals to make What our esteemed members think about it ?

Posted by Mahesh Kumar on Nov 13, 2020

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