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My Individual (Non -business Income) Client has sold his residential house for Rs. 3 cr (SDV also 3 cr) . in FY 11-12 During assessment proceedings AO refer the valuer for Fair Market value to Departments valuer u/s. 142 A. and since the report was not got till 31st Dec. 2019 he made assessment subject to valuer's report . but Now the dept. valuer valued the same as 3.5 cr. and now AO issued notice u/s. 154 for enhance our income by Rs. 50 lacs. Can he do so ? whereas our sells consideration is actually Rs. 3.5 cr. as well as our banking tr. are also same AO has not found any other material evedince for disbeliving the consideration . what are the other factors and grounds which we should rely on for further appeal . Thanks in Advance

Posted by SANDEEP KAPOOR on Mar 27, 2020