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ITC 04

Dear Sir, I have following doubts regarding ITC 04 1. My client is an manufacturer and is sending rough diamonds to job worker and the job worker after processing is sending polished diamonds. so now in the sheet of JW TO MFG. whether i have to mention Rough diamonds or Polished Diamonds?? 2. Another Client is based at Mumbai (as an principal manufacturer) is sending goods at surat for job work and the surat job worker is again sending it to another job worker for process. Than the processed goods are than returned by sub job worker to surat and than surat to mumbai for sale. whether the surat job worker will have to file ITC 04? If no than whether mumbai manufacturer will have to describe in his return about goods sent to another job worker??

Posted by ALIRAZA SAJJAD RAVJANI on Mar 23, 2019

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