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Can partner in a CA firm become partner in non-CA consulting LLP

Hello, Could you please help me with my below mentioned query- A member of ICAI is a partner of a CA partnership firm. Now, he is planning to become a partner in an LLP consulting firm (non CA firm- in the domain of tax consulting, internal audits, IT audits etc.). Would it be allowed as per the regulations of ICAI? Would there be any professional misconduct? Thanks a lot in advance. Regards, Prasen

Posted by Prasen Pal on Jan 28, 2019


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Yes , he can become a partner in another firm. This is not a misconduct. Only in case of the CAG / MEF his points will be distributed between the two firms or no firm is going to get credit for that partner.

Posted by CA. JHA SHANKAR KUMAR on Aug 12, 2022