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Dear Sir, I have a query with respect of Sale to Foreign Tourist in GST. Section 8 of the IGST Act define what is an Intra State Supply, which is reproduced below 8(1) Subject to the provisions of section 10, supply of goods where the location of the supplier and the place of supply of goods are in the same State or same Union territory shall be treated as intra-State supply: Provided that the following supply of goods shall not be treated as intra-State supply, namely:–– (i) supply of goods to or by a Special Economic Zone developer or a Special Economic Zone unit; (ii) goods imported into the territory of India till they cross the customs frontiers of India; or (iii) supplies made to a tourist referred to in section 15. That as per the above provision, a supply where place of supply and location of supplier is within the same state, however if the receipt is a foreign tourist the same will be treated as inter state supply. For a example Mr John of USA ( Fulfills condition of foreign tourist) visits a showroom in Jaipur and purchased some jewellery and goods are handed over to Mr. John on the Showroom itself. In this case the place of Supply is in Rajasthan and location of Supplier is also in Rajasthan, therefore as per normal rule it is a intra state supply. However since Mr. John is a foreign tourist by virtue of the proviso, it becomes an inter state supply. (Similarly like a sale to SEZ Unit) While Filling GSTR-1, there is exist a problem that when we enter the details in Table 7 i.e Sale to Unregistered Person and select place of Supply as Rajasthan. It opens CGST and SGST only . However the tax charged is IGST due to the facts of the supply being interstate. Then the option left for Filling a the return is with selecting place of supply as other territory to open the IGST column. So kindly guide with this. In case of Supply to SEZ Unit, they have given a column of tick (Supply to SEZ with or without GST). It is required that a same column

Posted by MAYANK SRIVASTAVA on Jan 09, 2019

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